Frequently Asked Questions

Below you can find an overview of some frequently asked questions. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact our support team via or live chat.

FAQ for candidates

Are there any mock or practice exams available for the certification program?

Can I retake my exam when I failed it?

Do I need to schedule my main/official exam?

How do I redeem an exam voucher?

How do I share my certification badge on social media?

How to create an account on the exam and certification portal?

I can’t start my main/official exam. How do I solve this?

I don't agree with the certification decision, what can I do about it?

What are the requirements for taking an online proctored exam?

What are the system requirements for the exam portal?

What is the manual ID verification process?

What language is my exam?

When is the result of my exam published?

Where can I find my certificate?

FAQ for invigilators

How can I register as an in-person exam invigilator?

Where can I find the official invigilation guide?