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EDF Certified Data Visualization Professional


About the best practice

IP owner:Effective Data Foundation®
Accreditation institute:Van Haren Certify
Examination institute:certN

Data visualization plays a crucial role in today’s data-driven world, and the Effective Data Foundation Data Visualization certification recognizes the significance of this skill set. In an era where information overload is common, the ability to effectively present data visually is essential for making informed decisions.

This certification program equips candidates with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental components of data visualization, enabling them to navigate the complex data landscape and extract meaningful insights. By mastering visual perception, candidates learn how to select appropriate data visualizations, apply proper formatting techniques, leverage the power of color effectively, and avoid common pitfalls. Furthermore, they gain expertise in designing compelling grids and layouts, facilitating clear data communication. Importantly, the program emphasizes the significance of asking the right questions during the design process, ensuring that the resulting visualizations address the specific informational needs and enable better decision-making.

Certification definition

The Effective Data Foundation Data Visualization certification is part of the Effective Data Foundation portfolio. When candidates achieve the certificate and become an EDF Data visualization professional, they understand the components of data visualization and how to apply them in decision-making effectively.

The certificate is a testament to the candidates’ knowledge of visual perception, how to choose appropriate data visualizations, proper formatting, effective use of color, avoidance of common pitfalls, design of an effective grid and layout, and the importance of asking the right questions in each scenario.

Certification requirements

Candidates can become certified by passing the EDF Data Visualization certification exam.

Vouchers for the certification exam are available through accredited trainers and Van Haren Group.

Certificate renewal

The Effective Data Foundation Data Visualization certificate is valid for two years.

Exam format

The general exam regulations apply to this exam.
Attempts per voucher:1
Number of questions:60
Passing score:65%
Time:60 minutes




Question type:Multiple choice

Exam Syllabus

The following table is an overview of the topics examined in the certification exam.
#questions Level(s) of Cognition Category
1 2 3
9 Explore and Explain data
  • Describe the key properties of the Explore phase
  • Describe the key properties of the Explain phase
  • Recognize activities that belong to a specific phase
  • Describe the typical data forgeries
  • Describe the main steps in the data storytelling arc
12 Visual perception
  • Describe the key components of our visuals system
  • Describe the three types of memory
  • Describe the pre-attentive attributes
  • Describe the gestalt principles
  • Describe the systems of thinking
  • Describe the three essential components used to describe a data set
  • Describe the eight principal quantitative relations in data
  • Describe the difference between correlation and causation
  • Describe the need for context
18 How to visualize data
  • Recognize the need to answer the WHY question first
  • Describe the reasons for choosing a table
  • Describe the reasons for choosing a chart
  • Describe the reasoning for choosing a specific chart type: CHRTTS
15 Data visualization design
  • Recognize the need for visual hierarchy
  • Describe the techniques used to implement visual hierarchy
  • Describe the main building blocks of a data visualization
  • Describe the use of color
  • Recognize the power of layout and grids
  • Describe the key design choices per type of visual
6 Visualization workflow
  • Recognize the main questions to start the design process
  • Describe the approach with drawing and sketching
  • Recognize the Five Design Sheet method
  • Describe the supporting materials in your design process
More information about the levels of cognition
  • Level 1 - Knowledge: This level requires candidates to recall specific information or facts. They should demonstrate the ability to remember and recognize details, terms, or concepts from their learning materials.
  • Level 2 - Comprehension: At this level, candidates are expected to show their understanding of the acquired information. They should be able to interpret, explain, and summarize. Candidates must go beyond mere memorization and demonstrate that they can grasp the meaning and implications of the information they have learned.
  • Level 3 - Application: The focus at this level is on candidates’ ability to apply their acquired knowledge in practical situations. They should be able to use what they have learned to solve problems, apply principles, or implement strategies in real-world scenarios.
  • Level 4 - Analysis: Analysis involves candidates breaking down complex concepts into smaller parts and comprehending the relationships between them. Candidates must display the ability to analyze information, identify components, and understand the underlying connections between them.
  • Level 5 - Synthesis: At this level, candidates are expected to exhibit the ability to create something new by combining different ideas, concepts, or elements. Candidates must demonstrate their capacity to generate hypotheses, design experiments, or develop original solutions to problems. Synthesis involves creativity and the integration of different elements to form a novel whole.
  • Level 6 - Evaluation: This level requires candidates to use judgments or assessments based on criteria and evidence. Candidates must critically analyze information, compare and contrast different perspectives, and make informed decisions. They should demonstrate the ability to evaluate the quality, validity, and reliability of information, arguments, or solutions.

Reference Material

The reference material for the EDF Data Visualization Professional exam is:

EDF Data Visualization Professional Courseware

Trainer accreditation

Van Haren Learning Solutions organizes the trainer accreditation for this certification program. More information on the accreditation process can be found on their website.