Facilitating Growth for Certification Programs

We understand and respect the value and effort you have invested in developing your knowledge base. Whether you already have a certification program in place or are planning to create one, our services are specifically designed to empower you to facilitate the growth of your program. With our assistance, you can effortlessly manage certifications, enhance credibility, and increase visibility without compromising control over your valuable intellectual property.


Our Value Proposition

We aim to create a healthy, effective relationship with partners and create a growing echosystem full of potentials.

End-to-end certification management

We offer an all-inclusive solution that covers all aspects of certificate management, from syllabus design to exam proctoring, certificate publication, to trainer accreditation. With our expertise, partners can confidently navigate the certification landscape while we handle the logistics.

Your knowledge base, You Remain in Control

At certN, we prioritize your control and ownership. You remain in charge of your certification program, and we offer flexible agreements that ensure you retain control of your intellectual property.

Increased Credibility of Certification Program

Our ISO 17021-compliant exam and certification services ensure fairness and objectivity, providing a reliable measure of proficiency. By choosing certN, your certification program gains the credibility and recognition it deserves.

Increased Visibility for the Certification Program

Partnering with certN boosts the visibility and adoption of your knowledge base and certification program. Our innovative exam and certification portal simplifies the process for candidates. At the same time, our social badging enhances the recognition of their achievements.

Facilitate International Growth

Expand your reach globally with ease. Our certification portal and exams are designed to support multiple languages, allowing for effortless international growth and enabling effective management across different linguistic needs.

Certification Management Services

Every knowledge base requires a certification program with a tailored approach. Get in touch to discover our services and how we can help you achieve greater recognition, broader adoption, and increased value for your knowledge base.

Exam Voucher Distribution

Our certification management services include the seamless distribution of exam vouchers. We provide flexible options for distributing these vouchers through API integration with sales portals or direct sales to trainers.

Exam Scheduling & Proctoring

As part of our certification management, we handle exam coordination and proctoring services. Our online exam portal incorporates anti-fraud measures, ensuring unbiased and independent evaluations of candidates. With GDPR and ISO 17024 compliance, candidates can take exams conveniently anywhere, anytime, with the assurance of fairness and accuracy.

Candidate Support

We understand the importance of a smooth and supportive certification experience. Our dedicated candidate support team serves as a single point of contact for candidates, addressing their questions and concerns promptly and effectively. We strive to provide exceptional assistance throughout the certification or examination process, ensuring a fair and positive evaluation experience.

Certification Publishing

Our certification management services extend to the seamless publication of certifications. Through our exam portal, we offer automated achievement publication in multiple formats. Candidates who meet certification criteria can access personalized certification pages, download PDF certificates, and showcase recognition badges for professional social media, enhancing their authority and marketing value.

Social Marketing

Amplify the reach and visibility of your certification program through our social marketing strategies. We assist in branding the certification program, designing traditional certificates, and creating social media badges. We leverage social media platforms to attract potential candidates, signaling their accomplishments and commitment to professional development and enhancing your program's marketing impact.

Certification Database Management

Maintaining an accurate and secure database of certified professionals is essential. Our certification management services ensure proper database management, respecting privacy while enabling third parties to verify the validity of certified individuals easily. This facilitates trust and transparency within the industry and enhances the value of your certification program.

Feedback Collection & Implementation

Feedback plays a crucial role in improving and evolving certification programs. We facilitate the collection of valuable feedback from candidates, allowing for continuous improvement. By analyzing and implementing feedback, we ensure that your certification program remains dynamic, relevant, and aligned with the evolving needs of candidates and industries.


We understand the challenges of re-certification for candidates with expired certificates. Our certification management encompasses a well-designed re-certification strategy embedded in the exam portal. We provide guidance and support in creating efficient re-certification processes, allowing candidates to maintain their certified status seamlessly.

Certification Production Services

As a knowledge base author aiming to develop a new certification program, certN is your trusted partner. Our dedicated team specializes in guiding you through the entire certification journey, ensuring the creation of a high-quality program that accurately evaluates candidates' expertise. We offer comprehensive solutions, including the design of exams and a certification syllabus encompassing all necessary requirements. Our achievement design services further enhance your certification's credibility and market value, establishing authority within your industry. With certN, you can confidently transform your knowledge base into a respected certification program that sets the standard for professional excellence.

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